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10 Responses to “Safer Internet Day 2018 – Tuesday 6th February”

  1. Jonathan Quizhpi Vega said:

    Ancient Greece has two different main cities,and they are called Athens and Sparta.

    1 Spartans were very bad to their children but Athenians were very nice to their children.

    2 Athens had a lot of entertainment but Spartans just went to war.

    3 Spartans killed their babies if they weren’t strong enough,but Athens you could have all the babies you wanted.

  2. Dylan Correa Lobaton said:

    1.In Sparta people kill children if there weak.

    2.In Sparta children that are 7 have to train.

    3.In Sparta they don’t have fun.

    1.In Athens they celebrate.

    2.In Athens they don’t fight.

    3.Athens was the capital of Ancient Greece.

  3. Juanita Ntia said:

    In Athens, they celebrated lots of festivals.
    In Sparta they killed babies.
    In Athens they had good education.

  4. jacobw said:

    1.Sparta was the strongest army in Ancient Greece.

    2.Sparta lived on the mountains.

    3.In Sparta people killed babies under three.

    1.Athens is the capital city of Ancient Greece.

    2.In Athens they had parties and celebrations.

    3.Athens was the most popular place in Ancient Greece.

  5. Diogo Freitas Da Luz said:

    In Athens they had lots of festivals.

    In Sparta, they killed babies, if they were not strong enough, at the age of 3.

    In Sparta, they did not want to have fun.

  6. Cindy Kituka said:

    1. Spartans killed babies that were not strong enough, while Athenians loved their babies.

    2. Athenians loved to celebrate and have fun, Spartans just got ready for war.

    3. Young boys at the age of 7 had to go to the army. Athenians didn’t have to go if they didn’t want to.

  7. Imaan Obeng-Sackey said:

    1. In Athens they had lots of festivals.

    2. In Sparta they killed babies, if they were not strong enough at the age of 3.

    3.In Sparta, they did not have fun or any festivals.

  8. Jessica Vieira Dias said:

    1. Sparta was ruled by two kings, and Athens was ruled by an archons.

    2. In Athens they loved to celebrate, and Spartans loved to fight.

    3. In Sparta they killed their babies if they were not strong enough, but in Athens they didn’t kill their babies.

  9. Sara Hasanbegovic said:

    3 Differences between Sparta and Athens:

    1. Spartans killed babies, and Athenians didn’t.

    2. In Sparta, children had to be trained when they were 7 years old. Athenians weren’t trained.

    3. In Athens they had entertainment, but Spartans didn’t. All they did was train in the army.

  10. Joshua Oyitso said:

    Athenians invented Democracy while the Spartans had kings.

    2. Spartans loved war while the Athenians loved fun and wisdom.

    3.In Athens there were festivals while in Sparta they had an army.