What facts have you learnt from this Safer Internet Day 2018 video?

5 Responses to “Safer Internet Day 2018”

  1. Cindy Kituka said:

    I learnt that when people are being mean, you can just block them. Instead of being mean to them back, just ignore them.

  2. Diogo Freitas Da Luz said:

    You shouldn’t be rood too to anyone.

    You shouldn’t say that someone is rubbish at something.

    You have to be kind to everyone.

  3. Imaan Obeng-Sackey said:

    To be safe online you must not talk to strangers or people you don’t know, and don’t take abusive things or say stuff that you will regret .

  4. Sara Hasanbegovic said:

    I have learnt that you should be kind to all and say positive things online. I respect other people online and I am always kind. Also I have learnt that you have to think before you click the send button otherwise, it can be effective towards others emotions and may cause a problem. If someone sends you a rude message, you should immediately tell an adult or block them.

  5. Alessandro Quadernucci said:

    1. Don’t talk to strangers online.

    2. If people aren’t nice to me I will block them.

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